“Acoustic Soul Hawai”  encompasses everything that Minori Evans expresses. Her works are emotional expressions depicted through brush strokes, hands, and tools, as well as impulsive and spontaneous gestures. The combination of intuitive strokes and structured constraints creates a unique and abstract world that transcends traditional Japanese techniques and expressions.


Japanese Bokusho-Artist / Indigo Artist / Sumi Performance Based on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Currently, Minori live in Kauai, Hawaii. Along with her artistic pursuits, Minori is also a hula dancer and Art performer, traveling to places such as Japan and Europe as a performer. "I freely translate my expressions through the use of complex shades and depths of ink and indigo, inspired by my own story and the collaboration with the ink that breathes and benefits from the vast nature of Hawaii. I hope that people who stand in front of my works resonate with their emotions and memories." Minori K. Evans She graduated with a degree in architecture and spatial design, and has long been involved in writing and graphic design in her career. She is also a traditional hula dancer and creates a world of art and performance fusion. In 2023, she started her full-fledged art performance team and is currently working hard to expand her presence. She is also currently captivated by the charm of indigo and is putting more passion into creating indigo works.